The market for Information Management services is increasingly expanding in the world, the Gartner Quadrant is a report that for 9 years has been one of the main indicators to analyze suppliers for the management of corporate content of information / documents.

In 2018, Garter, in addition to analyzing the market tools in the ECM segment, opened an initial discussion about platform definitions that provide Services in Corporate / Business Content, in 2019 the report became more specific regarding these definitions, to bring this content to the practice, for what the market needs in the reality of corporations worldwide.

In 2019 the report became more dynamic, even though it still brings issues related to the ECM market in the world, there were more points addressed and of extreme importance for the practice in an ECM Project, starting to look at the client side and their needs .

The Gartner Quadrant addressed studies based on 3 essential trends for the final consumer (the one who buys the ECM product / service), regardless of the area / sector of activity:

Confronting the expansion of content: For information professionals this theme is already relevant, however being exposed by Gartner makes the companies that supply the software understand the customer and what their need is, which goes beyond a ready-made tool!

in the world are dealing with the excess of information increasingly decentralized in different repositories?

Contribute to the digital transformation of business: Fundamental in today’s global context, organizations are in this transition from analogue to digital, including cultural issues. How can organizations drive operational efficiency and collaboration towards document-centric processes? I already bring you the reality of Document Management, we need to rethink the technical models and look for a more suitable model for each organization and understand this context as documentary processes to be successful in ECM Projects and to be able to contribute to a better information architecture of these softwares.

Modernizing work: In the middle of the 21st century, we have to train our employees for these changes and especially the speed of information and its excesses. How are companies providing their workforce with a high degree of digital dexterity and easy interaction with company information?

Below are the main attributes brought by Gartner to a modern content management and service platform, combined with the needs of ECM software buyers:

  1. Climbing cloud solution (in the last five years I realized that large Brazilian corporations are looking for an ICT, but agile and the cloud is something that entrepreneurs have joined in their companies);
  2. Protection (governance and strong security controls, in Brazil are points of extreme impact since large corporations in 2019 focused on these guidelines, mainly due to the LGPD that is in force this year);
  3. Quick recovery time;
  4. User centrality;
  5. Intelligence (RPA, IoT and AI are some resources that, together with ECM tools, certainly have an impact on their evolution). In short, Gartner brought the real needs of those who will purchase ECM tools, they need simple solutions (important usability for the end user), agile and adaptable. These are the main differentials for the ECM market in the world.

Accessed on 02.27.2020 : Gartner

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