Paperless as a trend in digital transformation!

The Gartner and AIIM presented the international survey to verify that 90% of a company’s information is in documents.

Recent studies indicate that:

  • 70% of executives’ time is spent analyzing and signing papers; On average, each employee spends
  • 12% of their time looking for documents in the administrative areas or in the organization’s archive; 90% of the documents we work with on a daily basis are mixed with other documents;
  • 80% of handwritten documents are never consulted again; 50% of all documents in your archive are duplicates or outdated;
  • 30% to 40% of all information records can be scanned immediately allowing the destruction of their originals;
  • Time spent on document management represents one of the 10 most time consuming activities in a company / organization;
  • 15% of documents handled are lost;
  • 5% of all lost documents are unrecoverable and 3% are badly archived, not applicable Document Management.
  • On average each document is copied 9 times, do you know the famous “copy of the copy”?

The study also found that 2% to 5% of files are lost or incorrectly stored on a given day in an organization, and the time lost to recreate a document is up to 24 hours approximately. In addition, it found that professionals spend an average of 4 hours per week signing papers, representing 16 hours per month or 208 hours per year, performing this activity.

What is paperless?

The “paperless” concept, meaning “paperless office”. It consists of eliminating or reducing paper documents in organizations, in a macro way, usually organizations hire specialized companies to perform such services. Technologies are allies in the process of digital transformation in Document Management in organizations that aim to reduce document mass and optimize processes. This contributes to efficiency in the search for information, as well as economy, time, traceability and sustainable use of natural resources, impacting on environmental issues.

And has your company thought of all this? Do you do Document Management? Is there a document area in the organization in which you are located?


SOURCE: Sources: Gartner Group, AIIM, US Department of Labor, Imaging Magazine, Coopers & Lybrand.

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